Apa sih Bitcoin itu?

 On Monday, August 7, 2017  

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Maybe if I discuss about what is bitcoin, I think its late. But no problem, better late than nothing.
Bitcoin is the currency on the internet can be said electronic money that has no physical. Bitcoin has been around since 2009 and made by Satoshi Nakamoto. Hence the smallest value of the bitcoin name satoshi.
As I mentioned above, this currency is of no physical. So what is bitcoin? Bitcoin is a file that has been encrypted with a unique code.
Bitcoin itself is allowed for unidentified ownership. For bitcoin storage media itself is usually called a wallet contained on a personal computer or wallet provided by a third party.
For the value of 1 bitcoin (1B) this if dirupiahkan equivalent Rp. 42.822.694.29, a very large value.
Then what are the advantages and disadvantages of this currency?
Bitcoin is a simple and simple payment tool, only for people with bitcoin. Also in using it we do not have to filling personal data.
While the lack of bitcoin is in the form of a file allows bitcoin that we have damaged, lost or deleted. And if our storage device breaks automatically we also lose bitcoin.
How to get a bitcoin of that exorbitant value? Here are some ways you can use
In this way we must have a super computer to solve the algorithm for processing bitcoin transactions.
Bitcoin Market (Trade Exchange)
There are many bitcoin markets on the internet, but I have a recommendation of bitcoin.co.id bitcoin market from indonesia.
There are some sites that provide bitcoins, but with certain requirements. Suppose to click on ads or play games and more.
That was some way to get bitcoin, I also just started to get bitcoin. In the next post I will give tips and tricks in mining and also scam web site review or not. So this blog subscribe yes can notif update bitcoin

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